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By greenskeepe11084, Jun 24 2016 12:57PM

Recently we've been getting calls concerning bagworms on Conifers i.e. Leyland Cypress and Fir trees and the such, these worms can destroy your mature trees left unchecked. Don't let this happen to you!! We can apply a product to kill. Call us today and let me inspect your landcape for these and Japanese Beatles

By greenskeepe11084, Dec 23 2015 06:56PM

We have recently added two Turfco T3100 applicators to our fleet! These machines will apply both liquid and granular products at a much more effiecient rate than the old fashioned "pulling of the hose".

Once again we are utilizing the newest technology that allows us to be at the forefront of lawn care here in the Shoals!

We'll be coming around with our first application of pre emergent in the upcoming weeks and you'll be able to see these units in action.

By greenskeepe11084, Jul 17 2015 10:44AM

Now's the time to start raising the mower height on bermuda lawns. Hard to believe with it near 100 everyday but fall will soon be here. By raising the height the grass will be better able to store reserves it'll need for the winter

By greenskeepe11084, Jul 1 2015 09:11AM

I'm going to get this blog going

I think this can become a good tool to use to get the word out on things we're seeing in the field.

As I become more comfortable with the whole process I can see where we can share articles, photos and tips for the homeowners out there.

1st Tip

Return your clippings! using a mulching blade on your mower improves the health of the soil, those clippings feed the soil and will greatly reduce the incidence of Dollar Spot.

Auburn research has shown that as much as 4 lbs of nitrogen is removed per year

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