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Professional Turf Management

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Quality, custom lawn programs

At Greens Keepers Inc., we believe that the people of the Shoals and beyond deserve beautiful, weed-free lawns.


That's why we offer customized programs and work with you to achieve the perfect lawn. Greens Keepers Inc. takes a more scientific approach to turf management and utilizes the latest products. Our goal is to modify nature and enhance your lawn through science.


Lawn Care Program

GreensKeepers residential lawn care service promotes higher quality, healthier lawns at no extra cost to you by using a combination of liquid and dry lawn care products. Liquid herbicides provide superior weed control while our dry fertilizers provide a steady control release. We also utilize liquid fertilizers at different times of the year to give you a truly customized lawn care program.

Environmental Concerns

GreensKeepers uses the latest, most environmentally responsible products available for all our residential and commercial properties. By utilizing specific products for your unique property, we're able to customize and reduce overall usage.

How our Lawn Service Works

GreensKeepers provides continuous service for all our customers in order to keep your lawn looking its best season after season. We don't ask you to sign a contract, but will continue service year after year unless you tell us otherwise. If you ever have questions or concerns we're always just a phone call or email away.

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